Charlene Bourn Owens & Iola Craft Williams

Charlene Bourn Owens

Charlene Bourn Owens, a graduate of Eureka High School, was an entrepreneur and owner of several businesses during her lifetime. Kiddy Haven Kindergarten, Charlene’s Realty, Golden Gate Funeral Home, The Style Shop, were just some of the businesses collectively known as Charlene’s Enterprises. Owens was active in numerous civic organizations and was a lifetime member of the NAACP.

Iola Craft Williams

Iola Craft Williams, a graduate of Eureka High School, was a well-respected civil servant and community leader. She served many years as Vice-Mayor of San Jose, California before retiring back to her childhood home of Hattiesburg. On her return, she was the catalyst who saved the historic Sixth Street USO Club and created the African American Military History Museum. She was active in many community organizations including as a Board Member of the Hattiesburg Convention Commission.