Clyde Kennard & Arvarh Strickland

Clyde Kennard

Clyde Kennard was a Korean War veteran, civil rights pioneer and martyr. Kennard made several attempts to enroll at the all-white Southern College in the 1950s. He was incarcerated on trumped-up charges which ultimately led to his death. His actions paved the way for integration at The University of Southern Mississippi in 1965.

Arvarh Strickland

Arvarh E. Strickland was the first African American faculty member of the University of Missouri.  His common sense, civility, skills as a teacher and his wit resulted in his being named Professor Emeritus of History at the institution.  The UM-Columbia campus now features the Strickland Room in the Memorial Union, the Strickland Building, and the Arvarh E. Strickland Professor Emerita position for distinguished scholars.  He is a Eureka graduate and childhood member of St. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church.