Katherine Tatum Egland, Della Ruth Jones & Beatrice Holloway

Katherine Tatum Egland

Katherine Egland is a long-term NAACP worker. She was elected to the National Board of Directors of the NAACP in 1998 and has served as chair of the Board’s Environmental and Climate Justice Committee since the ECJ was established in 2010. She has represented the NAACP at global climate conferences in over 28 countries on 5 continents. She is co-founder and Policy/Program Director of the Education, Economics, Environmental, Climate and Health Organization (EEECHO).

Della Ruth Jones

Della Ruth Jones was a longtime educator in the Hattiesburg Public School District. Her career in education as a school teacher spanned several decades including years of teaching at Walthall, Eureka and Grace Christian Schools. In 1979, Mrs. Jones became principal at Eureka and was also principal at W.H. Jones and Mary Bethune Elementary Schools until her retirement in 1990.

Beatrice Holloway

Beatrice Holloway used her talent as a beautician to keep ladies in the community looking their best. Holloway owned and operated Bea’s Beauty Parlor on Mobile Street. She was also involved in many community initiatives with organizations such as the American Red Cross and was one of the founding members of the Variety Garden Club.